Leasing FAQS

Do we Accept Section 8?

Yes we do, along with other various forms of government assistance.

Do We Accept Pets ?

We do consider pets with a $250 pet deposit per pet.

Do We Do Credit Checks?

We typically look for utilities in collections or any past landlord  judgments

What Is Needed In Order To Move In?

We require first month's rent and security deposit (pet deposit if any). All due by lease signing. 

What Are The Requirements to Rent From Us?

We require that you make three times amount of the rent amount, have no utilities in collections or past landlord issues.

How Do I Schedule A Showing?

Please visit this link provided http://bit.ly/2IAdp13 

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Q: What do we do as a Property Managers Co. ?

We prepare properties for renting, Inspect properties before, during, and after a lease term, Market properties,Coordinate lease signings and lease renewals,Maintain the investment property, and Provide administrative and financial property feedback.

How much are Our Property Management Fees?

As a property management company We typically charge a percentage of the monthly gross rent for the services provided. And  Additional fees may occur.

How Do We Market The Properties?

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What Is Looked For During The Tenant Screening Process?

We do a full background and credit checks to look for any utilities in collections or r previous landlord judgments  and to check that  Gross income is 3 times the amount of rent amount.

What are the most common mistakes made by investment property owners?

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